Preventative Pest Control For Your Place

Preventative Pest Control For Your Place

Keeping your property pest-free is tough work especially when there are so many aspects to consider. Even so, it requires an effective pest management programme to ensure the upkeep of your property as well as the amenities available.

By creating an integrated pest control action plan that runs throughout the year, property managers like you will have a better chance at keeping unwelcome critters out and happy residents in. After all, having solid preventive pest control is crucial to protecting your property and residents from pests.

One way for you to do so is to engage a pest control service that offers Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme, which has been advocated for its environmentally responsible approach.

Before we dive into what you can do for preventative pest control, let’s take a look at the key aspects to consider when it comes to ensuring that your property is well-protected.

Key aspects to consider

There are three aspects to consider if you want to ensure that your property is protected from pests – landscaping, exterior maintenance, and finishing touch.

a) Landscaping

If the landscape of your property is one of the major factors that make it popular among your residents, you will need to ensure that it’s pest-free to keep your residents from leaving.

Make sure to inspect the grounds for uneven spots as these areas can become an entryway for pests. With Malaysia’s weather conditions, dormant pools of water can collect at these spots and provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also, inspect your property’s landscape for any termite activity as they can cause costly damages to the structure.

Enlist help from your pest control professional during the landscaping work as they can work with your landscaping team to implement a preventative measure that’s pleasing to the residents while your landscape remains unattractive to pests.

b) Exterior maintenance

Alongside regular inspection of your property’s landscape, maintaining the exterior of your property will go a long way in helping to deter pests from entering your property and the homes of your residents.

Inspect the vents and have them properly screened to avoid pest infestation. You should also install weather strips around windows and doors to close the gaps. Make sure to inspect the strips regularly and replace them when necessary.

Also, look for cracks and other damages on the exterior wall structure. Seal them with weather-resistant sealant to keep pests from gaining entry into the structure. Aside from the wall structure, make sure to inspect the roof for any cracks or missing shingles.

c) Finishing touch

Although an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme can strengthen your structural defence against pest infestation throughout the year, it isn’t a one-time solution but a continuous process to help keep pests out. For the programme to work effectively, it will require the support of everyone involved to keep the property free from pests.

What can you do to keep the property pest-free?

With these three factors in mind, you can reduce the costs of property upkeep as well as operational costs because lack of proper maintenance can result in faulty equipment, human injuries, and regulatory fines. Here’s what you can do to keep your property pest-free:

Consider predictive testing and inspection programme

As prevention is better than cure, you should consider a predictive testing and inspection programme. This can help reduce the maintenance cost of the amenities available as well as enable rightly-timed maintenance. Besides, predictive testing helps to monitor the system components to detect trends that indicate excessive wear or impending failure.

Automate preventive maintenance tasks

With technology at the forefront of our daily lives, automating preventive maintenance tasks can reduce operational costs. Not only that, but it can also organise the workflow and decrease deferred maintenance, giving property managers like you the information you need to be more efficient.

Partner with a professional pest control company

Professional pest control experts do what they do best – exterminate pests from properties. For instance, our team of pest control experts at AntiPest are trained on IPM as well as advanced termite identification and biology, allowing us to utilise the most efficient pest control methods, monitoring systems, equipment, and chemicals.

At AntiPest, we advocate the use of IPM to help prevent pest infestations before they start. You can rest assured that our Pest Alert System Approach meets HACCP standards because we are one of the professional pest control companies in Malaysia. For your commercial pest control needs, visit or contact us at 03-80231888.

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