Insects – Our Next Best Food Source

bugs as food (03)Following the overpopulation of earthlings from year to year, it is predicted in the 2013 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization that, by 2050, food production will have to be increased by 70% to meet the demands of 2.3 billion growing populace!  The aching question now concerns the gradually declining food resources.  How are we going to produce an additional 200 tonnes of meat to feed the ever increasing mouths on Earth?  Addison Lilholt, a renowned science teacher at Green Woods Charter School, has the answer: the addition of insects to the existing food group.

bugs as food (01)There are way more insects on Earth than humans in that the reproduction rate of the former transcendently surpasses that of the latter.  Because of this factor, insects have become an untapped food resource due to the fact that, not only are many of them edible, a vast number of the species provide high amounts of unimaginable nutrition, proteins and even calcium.  Countries like Thailand, where the people have already adopted the culture of eating insects like cockroaches, crickets, and the like.  Such “trend” is nothing to be alarmed of … It is the same conception when we were first introduced to the world of Japanese sashimi … of eating completely raw seafood back in the early 90s.

bugs as food (02)

In some countries, you can find insect ingredients and food in some of the grocery stores and dining places.  There are crackers and bread baked with cricket flour (crickets have lots of calcium in them, plus, they are gluten free), expensive canned ant eggs that taste like caviar, crispy mealworms that taste like French fries, tarantulas taste deliciously like soft-shell crabs, et cetera.  But there’s only one way to eat the bugs – they must be fully cooked.



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