Insects Used for Healing Wounds & Curing Diseases (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing from last article, here are some more insects made into pill or liquid form for your natural and organic medicinal and therapeutic treatments.

(vi) Caterpillar fungus  

It has been long in history that the fungi of caterpillars are extracted and used as traditional Chinese medicines and tonics for relieving stress, boosting energy level and even jacking up sex drive.  Such preparation is in the form of powder or broth that produces pleasant aroma and savory taste.  Moreover, caterpillar fungus is also used in the treatment of various diseases and sicknesses such as anemia, tuberculosis, knee pain, backache, cough, and kidney disease.  Its medicamentous value is in the same rank as that of ginseng.

(vii) Cicadae for diuresis and as Chinese herbs

Cicadas have been proven in medical studies for curing urinary tract infections.  Whenever you have problem or pain in emitting your fluids, just eat some cicadas for your diuretic therapy.  Bon appétit!  In addition, the molted skin of a cicada is used by the Chinese doctors to expel heat and dissipate wind from human body; ergo, it is effective in relieving sore throat, fever and stomach wind.

(viii) Remedy from cochineal beetle  

The cactus-feeding cochineal beetles are used by medical scientists to produce a homeopathic remedy known as Coccus Cacti which is useful in treating asthma, whooping cough, catarrh as well as urinary tract infections.  The essence is extracted from the beetles and steeped in alcoholic drink and … there you go … bottoms up!

(ix) Green tree ants

Green tree ants are consumed and used by the Australian aborigines for medicinal and salutary purposes.  Green tree ants are particularly useful in curing headaches and relieving colds.  In medicine, they are “processed” and made into cough suppressant and antiseptic.  Their contemporary form of consumption is a refreshing beverage which you can informally call “ant drink”.  Wonder if these ants have any relation to green tea?

(x) Miscellaneous insects

There are various other insects used in modern medicine as well.  To name a few:

a) Centipedes are crushed and prepared in the form of paste for curing migraine, tetanus and snakebite.

b) Grasshoppers, dried and ground into powdery form and mixed with ash and water to produce a natural paste-like remedy for headaches.  It is for application on the forehead to suppress pain.

c) The larvae of leaf miners are mashed into a form of paste for relieving stomach pain as well as fever.

d) Alcoholic beverages mixed with the essences of Chinese Black Mountain Ants are said to have anti-aging effect, plus, they even have the potential to combat cancer.

e) The compounds derived from the skeletons of insects possess the capability to reduce cholesterol and they are even used as anticoagulant medication.

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