The Black Widow

This dangerous spider is well known due to its poisonous neurotoxins that it ruthlessly injects into their victims which include us humans.  Female black widows are also infamous as they indulge occasionally in sexual cannibalism.  Their name is derived from this grisly act as the female widow may devour her male counterpart directly after mating.

The neurotoxin that these arachnids produce is highly venomous and is known to be 15 times more toxic than a rattlesnake’s.  Humans, when bitten, will very likely experience abdominal pain, intense muscle cramps, vomiting, fainting, and chest pain that can be mistaken for a heart attack.  This is all quite frightening from a tiny spider about 1 inch in length.  However, the chance of dying from a black widow bite is slim for adults.  Children and the elderly on the other hand are much more vulnerable to the effects of the venom and will have more severe reactions to it.


These nasty spiders can be found in every continent excluding Antartica.  Thus, black widows are crawling all over central Asia and South East Asia.  But not to worry, these black widows can be easily identified by a bright red patch that is shaped like an hour-glass on the underside of their black abdomen.  They usually keep to themselves but will bite if aggravated.   Furthermore, black widows mainly feed on insects such as grasshoppers, flies and caterpillars which they trap by spinning sticky webs.


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