Cockroach Invasion & Prevention

Many of you know that cockroaches are one of the common intruders who build up homes in almost every part of your house, whether they be furnitures, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc., as long as these areas contain moisture and food; the worst part is, not even your computer equipment can be exempted from their intrusion!

Spraying will not necessarily pose an effective solution against them.  Best way is to adopt a three-part approach: (i) Removal of their food resources; (ii) bait application; and (iii) monitoring and trapping.

(i) Food Source Elimination
Do thorough wet and dry cleaning of your house and leave no leftover food or traces of consumable fluids on the floors, tables and the like.  Sweep and mop your floors regularly to get rid of edible remnants and vacuum your sofas or blow-dry your cushions to rid of any spillages.  For added protection, use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep the area dry and moisture free if possible.  Since cockroaches live in high-temperature environment, it would be best to reduce the surrounding temperature to 72 degrees or lower. Last but not least, it would help a great deal to do your dining in only one part of your house (for example, dining room) and keep the unconsumed food in airtight containers and place them in proper storage away from roaches’ acute sensory detection of them.

(ii) Baiting
Use cockroach gel and apply small dosages (each dose about 1-inch strip) to areas of roaches’ suspected habitat, as fissures and electrical outlets. To achieve best result will require multiple applications. In addition to gel-type baiting, there are also other solid cockroach baits that can come in as an added advantage.

(iii) Monitoring and Trapping
Traps can be used to monitor cockroach activity and catch roaches in your house.  Place these traps along walls near furnishings as well as in areas of possible access to cockroaches. Change the ingredients on the traps if necessary, especially when the roaches become immune to them after sometime.


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