How to Get Rid of Pesky Snails DIY – Part I

These slimy, clammy creatures reproduce extremely quickly and in large volumes.  Some snails are asexual, which means they can breed by themselves and do not need to find a partner to mate.  This allows them to reproduce whenever they like.  These snails can easily ravage your plants in your garden that you have been nurturing for years in a matter of days.  Many backyard gardeners are devastated when they find their plants ruined by a horde of snails.  It can make your blood boil seeing all your hard work go to complete waste.  Thankfully, there are a number of ways to get rid of these pesky creatures.

1.  Crush a handful of eggshells and lay them around the plants that you want to protect from being chewed by the snails.  What do the eggshells do?  It basically takes loads of time for the snails to overcome the sharp obstacles and there is a chance of them ripping their mucous membrane when they slide over the jagged eggshells.

2.  Another effective way is to sprinkle coffee grounds around the perimeter of your plants.  Coffee grounds act as a strong deterrent to snails.

3.  If crushing eggshells and sprinkling coffee grounds are not your preferred choices, you could rear some predators for the snails.  They include toads, ducks and chickens which will gobble up the snails at a moment’s notice.  However, not everyone wants a chicken clucking and clawing in their backyard or toads hopping freely around in your garden for that matter.

4.  You can lure snails by leaving a plate of cat or dog food where the snail infestation is rampant.   Place a lid on top with a small opening to allow the snails to slip inside as they prefer dark places.  Leave the plate overnight and in the morning you can throw a plateful of snails and half eaten animal food away.  Snails supposedly love cat and dog food but this technique might attract rodents into your garden.

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