5 Ways to Get Rid of Frogs in Your Garden

5 Ways to Get Rid of Frogs in your Garden

The loud, resounding croaking of frogs that channels from one frog to another like an opera symphony alerts us immediately to the presence of the slimy creatures.  However, there are those solitary, crafty ones that crouch docilely in hidden corners waiting to give you a mini heart attack when you walk past. 



Many people are simply repulsed by the sight of their wet, protruding eyes and warty if not clammy exterior.  It makes their skin crawl with just a glance at the expanding and contracting pouches of skin or vocal sacs as the frogs croak.  I once had a neighbor whose garden was infested with frogs.  Every morning she would don her pink rubber boots and would kick every single frog out of her compound until it was frog free.  She proudly claimed that it was her morning workout but it all ended one fine morning when a clever frog decided to hole up in one of her boots as she received a nasty surprise.  Here are 5 different ways to get rid of frogs without injuring the poor animals.

  1. As frogs desperately need water to live, draining any body of water in your garden would be one of your best options.  Any ponds or birdbaths should be removed as it is a constant access of water to the frogs.  Filling up large holes that collect water in your lawn should also be done.

 2.  If you have a really strong sentimental attachment to your koi pond and all the fishes inside it, simply remove any weeds or algae in your pond that might be breeding grounds and where frogs seek shelter.

3.  Another option is to remove their source of food which is basically flies and mosquitoes just to name a few.  Do not leave food lying around and close your trash cans tightly as flies are attracted to them.  Using a reliable flytrap is fine also.   As for the mosquitoes, simply get rid of any standing bodies of water.

4.  Make sure your lawn is cut and clear your yard.  This will eliminate hiding places for the frogs to hole up or rest as dark, shaded areas appeal to them.

5.  Spray salt or vinegar solution in your yard.  This will deter them from going inside your yard as the salt stings their tiny webbed feet.  Use minimal dosages of the solution as they are harmful to the plants in your garden too.

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