Ticks – Nasty Bloodsuckers

Ticks-Nasty Bloodsuckers









Ticks are external parasites.  They are disgusting insects usually no bigger than 2-3 millimeters.  

Engorged tick









However, when they are engorged during feeding, they can reach until 1 centimeter in size.  Ticks survive by feeding off the blood of other mammals and birds.  By inserting their mandibles and feeding tubes into the skin, they are able to suck blood freely from their host.

Ticks are known to usually attack our pets, namely dogs but they can also attach themselves to us if we do not take certain precautions.

Precautions have to be made to prevent this from happening






How to control ticks in your home

As it is well known, dogs and cats are easily attacked by ticks.  The ultimate tick control solution is to keep your pets indoors but if your dog is a pretty big-sized one that is capable of knocking a chair over, I’m quite certain that it has to be kept outdoors.

  1. Talk to your veterinarian on a suitable and effective tick medicine or repellent for your pet.  Don’t try doing this on your own as you can cause a new health problem for your pet if the medicine is not compatible with your pet.
  2. If your pet spends a lot of time in the garden, cut the grass short.  This is because ticks usually live in long overgrown grasses.  You can also spray light pesticide in the garden.


  1. Give regular tick checks on your pet and comb it frequently.  There are special tick combs available in pet stores which are great for reaching deep into your pets fur coats and manually removing ticks. 
  2. By washing mattresses and pillows regularly, controlling ticks will be much easier.  This will also kill fleas at the same time. 
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