Mosquito Repellers

Do ultrasonic mosquito repellers work?


 I have to say that I have sweet blood.  Mosquitoes will somehow swarm toward me in a crowded area and start biting any exposed skin which itch terribly and later swell up.

I am always skeptical when I come across electrical devices that affect the physiological activities of insects, namely mosquitoes.  I find the best and most satisfying way to kill the repulsive insects is to slap them with my palms. 

I have tried using mosquito coils that smoke the whole room up when they are lighted.  Although I find them quite effective, I can’t be inhaling smoke the whole day or night for that matter.

Many claim that these ultrasonic devices are able to ward off mosquitoes.  Ultrasonic mosquito repellers basically emit sound in the 20-50 kiloHertz range which cannot be detected by humans.  It is said that the sound produced by the devices mimick the sound of the bat or even the flapping of dragonfly wings which are the natural predators of mosquitoes.  Sadly, the sound waves have no affect whatsoever on the mosquitoes.

The main thing is, these ultrasonic devices do not work.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have performed tests to determine if these devices work.  They tried every ultrasonic repellers available but none had any effect whatsoever on the bloodsuckers.  Tests showed that there was no difference between using the device and using no protection whatsoever.

Thus, use the conventional ways such as using a mosquito net, mosquito repellent sprays or beating them with a practiced hand.

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