Water-Based Misting for Effective Mosquito Control

Introducing Water-Based Misting, one of the newly invented methods for mosquito treatment, is adopted and widely used by AntiPest Management Services Sdn. Bhd. There are a number of benefits obtainable from such treatment:
(i) Water-Based Misting targets at mosquito harborages and is carried out in mosquito-infested areas within premises. Hence, any bad weather such as rain will not deter the execution of such treatment. Note that mosquito harborages include humid areas, stagnant water as well as drainage.
(ii) Water-Based Misting can be done anytime of the day.
(iii) Water-Based Misting leaves residual effect which renders the treatment last longer after application.
(iv) Water-Based Misting provides direct contact kill solution.
(v) Due to the fact that such method is mainly based in water content (the name says it all), any drastic weather condition such as strong wind will not easily disperse the hazy content emitted from the misting machine.
(vi) Water-Based Misting is environmentally friendly because it is smoke free and the misting fluids contain glycol and some food and cosmetic ingredients.
(vii) Because of its long-lasting effect in extermination of mosquitoes, Water-Based Misting is unquestionably a value-for-money solution for your mosquito control.
Should you have serious mosquito problem in your home or workplace, call us today and find out more about the above-mentioned treatment method.

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