Tips on Getting Rid of Ants using Natural Remedies

Ants are amongst the most difficult to control compared with other types of pest.  This is mainly due to their overwhelmingly huge numbers as well as the sheer monstrosity of their unbelievably fast and perpetual reproduction rate; the most frightening fact remains that, they come from everywhere and they are around us all the time.

Ants can damage building materials (for example, Carpenter Ants), spoil your food, destroy plants, and other ants (such as Fire Ants and Harvester Ants) can even cause vexatious bites on your skin.  It is not possible to completely get rid of them but you can reduce their numbers to a certain degree.  There are some natural home remedies you can use to help you control their infestation level.

(i) Cinnamon – Pour some cinnamon powder on areas of frequent ant infestation, such as, entrance of house, windowsills and other possible points of entry.

(ii) White vinegar – Not only can the strong smell of white vinegar ward them off, the odor can even mask their scent trails and cause them to lose direction,  Mix white vinegar with water of equal amounts into a spray bottle, add a few drops of essential oil, shake the bottle and spray at places where you have sightings of ants.

(iii) Pepper – Ants crave sugar but loathe pepper.  Scatter some pepper around the house to keep them out.

(iv) Salt – You can use salt in lieu of pepper.

(v) Lemon – Place some lemon peels or squeeze some lemon juice at areas of possible ant infestation.

(vi) Orange – Make an orange paste by mixing warm water with orange peels in a cup.  Apply the paste at areas where ants frequent.

(vii) Peppermint – Spray some peppermint oil around your home.  Ants hate that.

(viii) Chalk – Ants are averse to chalk as it contains calcium carbonate.  Sprinkle some chalk powder in your home or you can draw lines of chalk at entry points such as door frames, windowsills or on baseboards.

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