How to Ward off Spiders from Your Home (Part 1 of 2)

Most of the people are averse to making spiders their uninvited guests in their residences, not to mention their unsightly appearance and the spine-tingling feeling you have when a spider crawls over your skin.  Here are some of the methods you can use to prevent these creepy crawlers from sneaking in to your comfy home.

(i) Give your disgusting spiders a taste of lemon

Spiders hate the smell of citrus.  Use citrus peels to rub on windowsills and along skirting boards, mop the floors using lemon-scented detergent and fill your house with the scent of citrus by burning citronella candles.  You can also keep some oranges and lemons in your house or consume them regularly so that the spiders will stay away from you.

(ii) Make yourself some spider-repelling agent

These eight-legged critters also loathe vinegar and peppermint oil.  Mix any of these with water in a spray bottle and spritz at doors, windows, bathroom, and at every corner of the house.  Don’t forget to spray at clefts on the walls as they are possible points of entry by these creepy critters.  Be careful when you spray vinegar on varnished surfaces as the acidic vinegar could tarnish them.

(iii) Cedarwood and conker as deterrents

Scatter some cedarwood cubes or blocks in the house and place some horse chestnuts in rooms to deter spiders.  Please note that conkers may be poisonous to cats and dogs.

(iv) Bring in ladybirds

Ladybirds are good at hunting spiders.  Plant some ladybird-enticing plants such as marigold, fennel or dill in the garden or around the house and the beautiful ladybirds will stand guard over your residence against those vexatious spiders.

(v) Make room and make it clean

It is important to clean and declutter your home at regular intervals as spiders love to seek shelter in every nook and cranny.  Remove webs via vacuum cleaner or soft duster so that they don’t have a place to sojourn and reproduce without the webs.

To be continued …





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