Rat Urine Disease Alert

There have been increasing cases of people contracting the dreaded leptospirosis, or widely known as rat urine disease in the recent years.  How does queerly named disease actually affect us? For instance, there were 55 deaths in 2011 and 48 deaths in 2012 due to leptospirosis.  Once we are infected, we will experience muscle aches, fever, migraines, redness in the eyes, and joint pain.

If you don’t think that is bad, people in severe cases will suffer from liver damage, bleeding in the intestines and lungs, kidney failure, vomiting and heart failure.  Some have horrible cases of diarrhoea and we all know what that is like.  Symptoms surface 2 to 10 days after being exposed to this disease.

This deadly bacterial infection can be spread through mainly rats and mice but they can also be passed on by cows, sheep, dogs, rabbits and some marine animals.  It is transmitted through the urine of the above-mentioned animals.  Skin contact or swallowing of contaminated water results in contracting leptospirosis.  Open wounds exposed to infected water produce the same results.

For treatment, penicillin and antibiotics such as ampicillin and doxycycline should be consumed.  For complicated cases, the infected have to be hospitalized for dialysis or salt solution infusions.

There are a few ways to prevent getting infected.  For instance, always wash your cutlery and cups before eating and drinking.  Make it a habit to rinse the top of carbonated cans before gulping it down.  Avoid areas with stagnant water and constantly clean up after doing outdoor activities.


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