How to Know if Your House/Office has Termite Infestation?

To find out whether your house, factory or office is infested with termites, there are some telltale signs of termite activity in your premises.

If you see a swarm of flying ant-like insects in or around your premises, check to identify whether they are termites. Winged termites bear the same size of wings on both sides of their body and they possess straight, beaded antennae. It will be useful to check the spider webs around your property to see if there’s a termite or two ensnared in a web. Termites live in humid environment, you can search for their presence in moist areas in or around your premises.

Scan for damaged wood in your premises by tapping on the walls and other wooden structures. If they sound hollow on the inside, this signifies that termites have eaten into the insides of the wood or walls; in this case, remove the infected wood to witness and verify the damages they have done.

When termites aren’t moving under the soil or inside a piece of wood and they are in the open, they use mud and cellulose to build tubelike tunnels in order to ensure their safe passage and hide themselves from view. Look for these termite tubes in places such as the walls or water pipes. To determine whether a tube is still active and not from past infestation and elimination, break a section of the tube, wait for a few days to find out whether the termites are coming back to repair the breach.

Look for clefts in your premises to see whether the crevices are filled up with dried dirt, because such fillings are the work of the termites. They cemented the cracks with the purpose of containing the moisture from within the walls and other wooden structures to reduce the airflow.

Once you have determined or if you suspect that your house, office or factory is infested with termites, wait no further, contact a professional pest controller immediately to help you get rid of the pest problem before they cause any further and advanced damage to your property.

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