How to Solve Your Gnat Problem

Gnats, or typically called fungus gnats, are tiny little pesky winged insects that look black in color and have long legs. They like to hang around in humid areas such as potted plants, moist soil, trash cans, food spillage, and the like. They are attracted to fruity scents as well as body heat. Here are some methods you can use to get rid of these vexatious dipteran flies.

(i) Bug Zapper – You can buy a bug zapper machine for use in your home. It operates quietly and is able to catch a large number of gnats.

(ii) Apple Cider Vinegar – Take a bowl, pour in half a cup of warm water mixed with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 6 drops of liquid dish soap and a tablespoon of sugar. Place the bowl of mixture in the area where there is a lot of gnat traffic. The sugary content will lure the gnats into the mixture and, once they dig in, the sticky dish soap will ensnare them and subsequently drown them.

(iii) Fly Paper – You can use the adhesive fly paper to catch gnats. Once these bugs come into contact with the paper, they will get stuck or glued onto it and will be unable to break free. Hang some of these fly papers at places where the gnats frequent. You can also use a window fly paper where the entire window is covered with a sticky sheet.

(iv) Wine trap – Instead of using apple cider vinegar, you can use stale or expired wine. Pour some of the wine into a vessel and mix with some drops of dish soap, place the solution in gnat-infested area and wait for the result. You can make as many as these traps as possible.

(v) Candle trap – Well, this solution is considered an urban legend. Place a candlestick in a small pan, fill the pan with water, light the candle, and switch off the lights. The gnats will be drawn to the flame and they will either get themselves burned alive or fall into the pan’s water and drown. Beware of fire hazard for using this method.

(vi) Chemical spray – Use a bug killer insecticide and spray at gnat-infested areas.

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