Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fleas (Part 1 – from Your Pets)

Fleas are one of the most painful nuisances that are hard to get rid of completely not only due to their extremely tiny size but also their unimaginably huge numbers. Their reproduction rate is almost beyond terror; a female flea can lay 25 eggs a day, so if you have an unknown number of female fleas in your home, the number of flea residents in your house could reach up to thousands if not million within a month!

Thankfully, there are several natural methods to help you reduce your flea problem if not totally eliminate them.

(i) Bathe your pet using natural solution. If you own a pet, check whether your pet has fleas on it & treat accordingly. Place fresh rosemary sprigs in two and a half cups, cover them with water and boil for half an hour. After that, mix the boiled rosemary water into a gallon of warm water. Finally, pour the mixed water over your pet while it is still warm. Alternatively, you can mix warm water with gentle foaming soap to bathe your pet. Either solution will have killed a number of fleas after the bath; however, you still have to remove their eggs from your pet. Use a flea comb to comb your pet’s fur carefully to get rid of the eggs as well as all other traces of fleas.

(ii) Create your own flea repellent. Apply some lavender essential oil to your pet’s back and neck for it can repel and kill fleas. Another solution is to put 5 drops of Eucalyptus oil into a cup of water and place the resulting mixture inside a spray can. Use it to spray your pet thoroughly to ward off the fleas. Please note that the above-mentioned oil treatments can be used on dogs only and not cats.

The treatments suggested above are not one-time solution and they must be repeated at least once a week to avoid recurrence of flea problem.

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