Disturbing Facts You Don’t Want to Know About Rats

Rats are one of the “amazing” pests and you will agree to this when you find out the following little-known facts about them; some of these facts, however, can be pretty disturbing.

(i) Rats love to bite humans when they are asleep. They especially like to go after humans who have been bitten by rats before; this is as if you have been marked after first bite to “facilitate” future attacks. Their favorite human body parts to crave are the face and the hands. Suggestion to wear “real mask” & gloves when you go to bed?

(ii) Some rats have kangaroo pouch and can sense tuberculosis. The body of this particular subspecies measures 18 inches in length and has around 3 pounds in weight. Their distinguishing feature – a kangaroo-like pouch on the body! What is more amazing are their capability of detecting tuberculosis; such unique gift is faster and more accurate than the medical test of this disease. You can’t keep them as pets, however, as they are also the culprits of transmitting monkey pox!

(iii) Rats will die if they stop chewing. Why do rats never stop chewing? That’s because their teeth never cease growing during their 7-year life span. If they stop chewing, their teeth will overgrow into their brain and consequently kill them! This is why they have to constantly gnaw on things in order to exercise their teeth on a frequent, non-stop basis.

(iv) Rats have teeth of steel. Their open-rooted teeth and jaw muscles are structured in a manner that runs all the way up to their eye sockets. Such biological tooth structure enables them to gnaw through wiring and even concrete! Imagine what they can do to human flesh!

(v) Rats can climb up the toilet and bite your butt. Flushing them down the toilet into the sewage system won’t do any good as they are born Olympic swimmers. Be sure to look next time when you lift the toilet seat, you wouldn’t want any uninvited guest to accompany your sh**ty business.

(vi) Rats pee very often – about 80 times a day! Ergo, prepare to clean your house often too.

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