How to Ward off Spiders from Your Home (Part 2 of 2)

(vi) Lights out

Spiders are attracted to light.  Dim the environmental lighting to a minimum level and turn off the lights when there’s nobody in the house (but, beware of burglars because they’ll know nobody is at home).  This will discourage them from entering and nesting in your dwelling to a certain extent.  Besides, this is a good way to reduce your electricity bill too.

(vii) The hidden power of eucalyptus

Spiders detest eucalyptus.  Place some eucalyptus leaves or oil in your bedroom, bathroom, wardrobes, and living room to keep these critters away.  Your house will also smell fresh with the scent of eucalyptus.  Moreover, you can set up a “barrier” around your house by planting a eucalyptus tree in the garden.

(viii) An advantage of getting a pet

Having a pet around can help you deter pests from creeping in to your residence.  Cats, in particular, like to fight off and chase away spiders in addition to other insects.  All in all, pets will help to clear your house of pests.

(ix) The pleasant smell of cinnamon

Spiders also loathe cinnamon.  Light some cinnamon candles and fill your house with the aroma.  Spiders would not dare to step foot in your abode.  You can place and light these candles in your bedroom, bathroom, and the like; just be careful not to burn down your house.

(x) Fortify your home

It is important to seal off the points of entry in the house by these eight-legged creepy-crawlies.  Fill the fissures, caulk all the cracks on the walls and cover the vents with mesh netting to prevent these critters from coming in.

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