Rat & Mouse Infestations, the Problems & How to Treat Them (Part II of II)

(i) There are different types of mousetrap to use, the famous ones are: a) Havahart Live Catch Mousetrap –  a conventional mousetrap with cage design which is humane and easy; b) Victor Electronic Mousetrap – like the name suggests, it’s electrifying and quick; c) Snap-E Mousetrap – solid and effective.

To achieve a high success rate of catching the mice, you need to place the traps strategically at the “ideal” locations, such as near the places where they sleep, behind furniture, places where they appear frequently, and the like.

(ii) Use bait stations when you decide to use poison on the rats.  It is recommended to use sealed stations for safety reason.  Place the stations behind the fridge, under kitchen cabinets, etc., as these are their favorite hideouts.

(iii) Hiring a pest control professional is the best way to get rid of your rat problem in the most effective manner.  This is because pest exterminators are well-trained in locating and attacking the source of your rat problem; they are good at tackling the cunningness of rats in their avoidance of being ensnared, and, most importantly, they know the best strategic method of how to handle different mousey situations.

(iv) Use natural and household remedies (e.g. onion, peppermint oil, cat litter, steel wool, etc.) to make your rat hunting experience more interesting.  For this, you can peruse our previous article posted at https://www.antipest.com.my/apblog/?p=961.

(v) Prevention is as important as treatment, in fact, the former takes precedence above all else.  Adopting preventive measures allows you to greatly minimize your rat problem and can possibly even assure you of a rat-free environment in your premises.   The 2 most important preventive steps are: a) Proper food storage – Food and any sweet stuff must be stored away securely in sealed, airtight containers so as to cut off their food source; and b) Sealing off points of entry – All possible entries by rats in the premises (such as crevices on walls, cracks or holes in some parts of the building, etc.) must be sealed off with the purpose of preventing access by these nasty rodents.

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