Rat & Mouse Infestations, the Problems & How to Treat Them (Part I of II)

Rat and mouse infestations have become an increasingly grave issue in Malaysia.  As of last year, there have already been more than 146 food outlets shut down by the Health Ministry under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983, as reported in the local news.

Such infestation problems are not to be taken lightly because, not only do rats and mice bring about hygiene issues on environment and food, they are also health hazard to humans; they carry deadly diseases such as salmonella, leptospirosis, murine typhus, bubonic plague, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, and the like, just to name a few.

As long as you spot a mouse or rat in your premises, you must act as quickly as possible on working out a series of plans on how to solve the problem because, delaying on your action plan will render your rodent problem more difficult to eliminate; as time passes, a minor infestation can turn out to be a major one in that rats and mice are multiparous rodents that can propagate fast enough to reproduce 5 to 10 litters a year.  Please bear in mind that it is easier to get rid of a few rats and mice than 20 or more.

Rat/mouse infestation is a persistent problem which requires long-term commitment to constantly monitoring and treating the pest situation.

There are few ways to get rid of your rat/mouse problem.  In short:

(i) Use mousetraps (There are different kinds: Electronic, snap and live traps) which involve strategic positioning of the traps at the right places.

(ii) Use bait stations.

(iii) Enlist the help of pest control professional.

(iv) Use of natural or household remedies like cat litter, onion, mashed potatoes, steel wool, peppermint, etc.

(v) Preventive measures that are concerned with proper food storage and sealing off of points of entry by rats and mice at your premises.

We will go into detail and elaborate on the above-mentioned points in our next article.  So, stay tuned.

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