Homemade Cockroach Traps

Cockroach infestation is a common and never-ending problem in our daily lives.  Roaches are everywhere, they are hard to catch and are prone to nocturnal activity.  How about making some cockroach traps on your own and let them work wonders at night while you can have a good night’s sleep?

(i) Duct tape trap

Use a paperboard, place strips of duct trap next to one another with the sticky side faced up onto the cardboard; tape down the duct tapes with adhesive or masking tapes at the ends of the strips of duct tapes so that they stay firmly in place on the cardboard.

Next, you need to put some roach attractant on the duct tapes to lure them, for example, flour, sugar, peanut butter, and the like.  You can also add in a little boric acid as topping on the sweet stuff (because a sufficient amount of boric acid can mess up their innards and kill them subsequently).  Place the cardboard on the ground under or near the refrigerator, cabinet, washing machine, etc.  When you wake up next morning, check to see if there’s any cockroach stuck on it and dispose of the cardboard along with the roaches on it.

(ii) Jar trap

Any jar will do, be it pickle jar, mayo jar or peanut butter jar.  Apply some petroleum jelly inside the jar at the area where it curves in for the opening, this will make the roaches that climb in to the jar unable to get out due to the slippery nature of the petroleum jelly.  Put some sweet stuff as bait in the jar to attract them.  You can also pour some beer as alternative bait into the jar to drown them.

Besides using jar, you can use wine bottle as an alternative trap and, instead of using petroleum jelly, you can use cooking oil.  Put some cooking oil in the bottle, swish it until the inside of the bottle becomes oily, then pour out the excess oil and finally put in your desired bait.  Make a few of these traps and place the jars or bottles in areas where the roaches frequent or suspected hideouts of the cockroaches such as kitchen cabinets, stove area, etc.

The above-mentioned are just some fun traps to ensnare a few cockroaches.  If you plan to take out a huge number of them, such traps would simply not be so effective.  In fact, some roaches would be smart enough not to fall for these simple traps.  In this case, the only solution will be to engage a pest controller to help you solve your serious roach problem.

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