Getting Rid of Mice & Rats Via Household Remedies

Many homeowners and farmers have come up with their creative and natural ways to get rid of mice and rats using home remedies instead of rat poison and mousetrap.  Let’s hear them out below.

(i) Cat litter

Mice and rats loathe the stink of cat urine.  It is suggested to place tubs of used kitty litter near the entryways where you suspect the rats and mice will use to gain access to your premises.

(ii) Steel wool

In lieu of caulking the cracks and patching the crevices in your house using green kitchen pads or copper scouring pads to prevent rats and mice from entering your home, you can stuff steel wool into the holes because rats and mice are unable to chew through the wires as such act will irritate their teeth.

(iii) Peppermint

Rats and mice have strong antipathy of peppermint.  Its scent may be pleasing to us but not to them.  You can plant some mint in the garden or along the exterior of your house to ward them off.  Moreover, immerse cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in kitchen cabinets and suspected entry points; using mint toothpaste and mint leaves should also deter them.

(iv) Instant mashed potatoes

Scatter some mashed potatoes at suspected areas of rat activity.  The rats and mice will feed on the potatoes and the flakes of which will expand in their stomach and eventually kill them before they were able to fully digest the ingredient.  For safety reason, keep the flakes out of the reach of your pet(s).

(v) Onions

The smell of onions can be used to repel rats and mice.  Place them in areas where the rats and mice frequent.  Word of caution:  Keep the onions out of the reach of dogs and cats as these are poisonous to them.  If you use this method to deter rats and mice, you’ll have to replace the onions regularly (say, every day) because onions rot easily.

(vi) Plaster of Paris and cocoa powder

This solution comes from a farm lady who suggests mixing dry plaster of Paris with cocoa power.  Once the rats and mice ingest the mixture, they’ll become thirsty and, if they are unable to find water on time, they’ll die of this ultimate thirst.

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