Shocking Facts About Pests

Believe it or not, an enormous number of pests in this world exhibit strange and unusual characteristics, whether they be biological and behavioral, that many of us have not heard of. To name a few, let us look into some of the pests and get to know their peculiarities.

pest-01(i) If you see a headless cockroach moving around in your house, do not be alarmed. When a cockroach’s head is cut off, it is still able to survive for at least nine days. When the time is up, it will naturally die of starvation simply because it can’t eat without its head.

pest-02(ii) If you see a praying mantis turning its head 360 degrees around, there is no need to call an exorcist because, that is its biological and “unnatural” capability. Other than its head-spinning ability, a praying mantis has only one ear. On top of that, before it feasts on a prey, it will first clasp its prey with its forelimbs, hold it up as if in prayer to some kind of holy or unholy being before gulping it. Perhaps that is where it earned its name.

(iii) Do you know that, out of every four types of animal on Earth, one of them is of beetle species?

(iv) Do you know that, almost all the beds that people sleep on contain an average number of six million dust mites? In conclusion, you are not alone when you sleep. The good news is, these mites don’t snore. Enough of heebie-jeebies?

(v) Speaking of all-out grossness, houseflies regurgitate their undigested food only for re-ingestion! It is pretty evident that they waste no food at all and leave no dining tables unturned.

pest-03(vi) Amazon ants like to enslave the progeny of other ants by plundering their larvae. The reason being that, they are heavily dependent upon these enslaved offsprings for survival because fighting is the only talent the Amazon ants are good at.

(vii) Aphids conceive when they are born, and they give birth immediately after ten days.

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