Termite Identification & Treatment

Termite is one of the most calamitous pests ever compared with other types of common pest.  The damages caused by termites are so disastrous that they can affect us and our property financially, structurally as well as emotionally.  They masticate through wood and things made of wood in our house, office building, plants, and the like.  What is more horrendous is the fact that termites reproduce at a ridiculously accelerative rate within a short period of time.  A termite queen can lay up to 30,000 eggs in a single day and, in a month’s time … well … you do the math.  A soldier termite can live for 1 to 2 years whilst the life span of a termite queen is 10 years and above!

termitesHow do you know if there’s termite infestation in your home?  Some tips as below:

(i) Mud tubes or trails spotted on exterior walls and along door frames.  This is an indication that termites have emerged from the soil and into your dwelling.

(ii) Tap on a wall and, if it sounds hollow, this can only mean that termites have already consumed the inside of your wall.

(iii) Look for frass that shapes like pellet in your house.  This belongs to none other than a termite.

(iv) Look for winged or wingless, ant-like, brown- or white-colored insect with a body length of between 1/8 inch & 1 inch … it is the infamous termite!

SentriconWhat are the methods for treating termites?

(i) Sentricon Baiting System

Sentricon IGYour premises will be inspected for signs of termite infestation.  Upon detection of termite activity, Sentricon baiting station will be installed at the infested area.  Termites will feed on the active ingredient within the station and subsequently induce other nest mates to follow suit; the feeding process will continue and spread to other termites in the colony.  In time, the entire termitarium will die out and, thus, mission accomplished!  Installing this system requires no drilling of holes, hence, your flooring and walls are safe and intact.

(ii) Chemical Soil Treatment

This conventional method requires that holes be drilled into the concrete floor and slab joints followed by pumping of chemical through the holes and into the soil.  After this, all holes will be patched up and sealed.

 Having termite problem?  Wait no further.  Call AntiPest today at 03-8023 1888 for a free and non-obligatory inspection of your premises by our pest control professionals.

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