Cancer-Treating Beetle

Insects are usually known to have caused more harm than good to human beings and plants.  But, a medical study done by the American researchers has discovered that one type of insect known as the blister beetle from the family of coleoptera possesses cancer-fighting ability.

Blister beetles, also known as Spanish flies, vary in body color from one to the other.  Some are bright green in color, some are red, yellow, black, and some even have a mixture of two or more colors.  This kind of beetle feeds on honeysuckles, soybeans, potatoes, garden vegetables, fruits, and olives.  Southern regions of Europe and the Western parts of Asia are where these beetles inhabit.

Blister beetles contain cantharidin, a poisonous substance that can cause vomiting, blistering and pain.  However, such substance was extracted and used as aphrodisiac in the olden days.  In the modern era, cantharidin is now used as counteragent in traditional Chinese and Vietnamese medical practices to produce cantharides as counterirritants against warts, in treating kidney damage, diarrhea, urinary tract problem, burns, scalds, insect bites, and even used for treatment of cancer.

Due to the fact that cantharidin has the function of blocking a number of proteins and inducing apoptosis in the body, it serves as a highly potential treatment solution for all kinds of tumor and even the stubborn ones (those that do not respond well to other medicaments).


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