One of the Scariest Pests on Earth (Part I) – Japanese Giant Hornet







Of the countless types of pests in the world, some of them stand out as the most horrendous – the types of species you definitely want to shun at all costs, for, if you encounter them, they could well spell the doom of your precious life!

The acidic Japanese Giant Hornet (Vespa Mandarinia Japonica)

This type of hornet measures 3 inches long and is the size of a fat man’s thumb.  It resides on the hilltops of mountains in Japan.  The lethal part of it is its ability to spit acidic venom that can melt your flesh and, it likes to aim at human eyes!!  What is worse is that, its poison contains pheromone that can attract other hornets (of the same species) from the hive to come and attack you until you die and, till death only do they part!  If you encounter these hornets, it would be difficult to outrun them as they can fly at high speed for 50 miles a day.  Statistics show an average of 40 human deaths as a result of such attack each year.

Their way of subsisting is rapacious and pretty violent too.  They feed on other kinds of bees by attacking and spraying their hive with their signature poison, dismembering their prey with their vicious jaws before gulping them.  They usually triumph in war even when they are outnumbered because of their sheer strength, bulk and acid-spitting ability.   Needless to say, these Japanese Giant Hornets are the gods of all bees!  Witness the massacre in the video below, what a mess they make!


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