Be Careful when Eating Bananas from Brazil!

The Brazilian wandering spider is one of the most venomous spiders on Earth and has been inducted into the Guinness World Records for its deadly poison.  Wandering spiders contain potent neurotoxins in their fangs which cause their unfortunate victims to endure breathing problems and paralysis.  Furthermore, the bite causes inflammation and eventually asphyxiation that can result in death.

It has been reported that victims can die in an hour if left untreated.  However, there is an ironic plus of the venom which is said to be used in erectile dysfunction treatments.  Well, I am quite sure the cons outweigh the pros if bitten.

They can be rather daunting when they go into a defensive stance.   With their body raised in an erect position, they lift their frontal legs high which sway from side to side to deter any attackers.

Besides that, their scientific name simply means murderess but they are also more comically known as banana spiders as they are fond of hiding in banana plants.  They adopted the name ‘wandering’ as they crawl around during the night instead of spinning a web or holing up their den like most ordinary spiders do.

There have been numerous reports of people overseas discovering the lethal spider crawling out from their grocery packs.  One such case occurred in Somerset where a chef was bitten by a wandering spider while rummaging through a bag of bananas from Brazil.  Recently in 2014, a family in London was shocked to discover this deadly spider in a clump of bananas that they had purchased. 

Thus, watch out when buying bananas from Brazil! You never know when these pesky beings might appear.


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