Spiders That Eat Fish


It is commonly known for spiders to cunningly spin a sticky web to entrap their victims.  They would then descend with fangs ajar upon their helpless, squirming forms.  What a horrible way to go.  However, there are certain species of spiders that opt for the stealthier, assassin-like approach to fill their tummies.  They are aptly named fishing spiders from the genus of large spiders called Dolomedes that feed on insects, tadpoles and fish.


These nasty fishing spiders are semi-aquatic with unwettable hairs which allow them to walk on the water’s surface and also climb beneath the water without drowning themselves. The primary way of hunting would be to anchor their hind legs to a plant or stone with their front legs stretched out on the surface of the water.  Any unlucky fish that happens to pass by would receive a venomous bite which contains certain neurotoxins that would render it helpless.  The spider would then proceed to drag its prize to land and ingest it.


Other more aggressive fishing spiders try a different tactic.  The ends of their front legs detect vibrations in the water which allow them to pinpoint the location of their prey.  Once they detect an insect on the water, they will scamper across the water with surprising speed to attack their prey.  Furthermore, these crafty spiders can be found on all continents except Antarctica which sadly does not give any measure of relief.






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