Dengue Outbreak 2014

In the recent months, dengue fever has spread like wildfire throughout Malaysia.  It has claimed hundreds of lives in Southeast Asia in the past year and is asserted to be the worst outbreak since 2010.  The densities of mosquito and larvae sites have increased lately and are posing a serious problem.  Every day after dusk, mosquitoes are seen flying around the house despite our futile attempts to keep them away.  Besides being an annoying pest, mosquitoes are very dangerous due to the disease that they spread.  Selangor state itself has been noted to have approximately 20 deaths which is very troubling.

Every few years or so there will be a sudden break from the normal cycle of the resurgence of mosquitoes and, 2014 seems to land upon this period of time.  The main symptoms for this endemic disease are :

  • High fever
  • Pain upon the eyes
  • Low blood pressure
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Rash

Hospitals nowdays are extremely congested and, we should take immediate steps to prevent ourselves from being infected by this flu-like illness which is carried by the aedine aegypti mosquito.  Here are some ways to  help curb this increasing issue:

  • Refrain from going out after dusk or dawn
  • Try not to wear dark clothes

  • Discard any stagnant water as it is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • Wear long-sleeved clothes if possible
  • Avoid spending time outdoors during dawn and dusk as mosquitoes are rather highly active during this period of time
  • Try to make sure that a person who suffers from dengue fever is not bitten by unaffected aedes mosquitoes as they can be in turn infected by the virus.  This will increase the number of aedes mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus.

  • Invest in mosquito nets and repellents.. they go a long way!


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