Drugstore beetles

You might wonder why this particular beetle is named by a store that sells pharmaceutical products.  It acquired its name as it can be found infesting prescription drugs.  However, these nasty beetles do not only eat drugs but also stored products such as seeds, dry mixes, spices, flour products, bread, dried herbs and grains which contaminate them.  That is not only it.  They feed on leather, wool, tin, aluminium and the book bindings too.  That is just simply horrible.

Luckily, they do not harm humans or pets.  Nevertheless, they can be rather difficult to control as they can infest a wide range of products.

Drugstore beetles are tiny, brown insects that are around 1/8 inches long and are oval in shape.  They can be identified by their 3-segmented club antennae and their wing covers have rows of pits.  They live worldwide but are mainly found in countries with warmer climates.


Controlling drugstore beetles can be a tiring ordeal.  The main thing is to locate the source of infestation but this can be quite difficult.  Once you have found infested products, dump them into thick plastic bags and throw them away.   Items that you are unsure of should be placed in your freezer for a few days to kill them off.

As drugstore beetles are usually found in humid places, using a dehumidifier in infested areas is a good idea.  Any cracks or openings that are infested can be dealt with a vacuum cleaner too.  Insecticides can also be used but make sure to carefully follow the instructions on the label.

To prevent re-infestation, always shop carefully and inspect food products that you are about to purchase and bring into your home.  Store food items in airtight metal, plastic or glass containers.  Make sure no exposed food is left around the house and clean your pantry regularly.

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