Another 7 Weird Facts About Houseflies

Another 7 Facts about Houseflies

  1. A fly beats its wings 200 times per second, 3 times faster than a hummingbird.


2.  Each female fly can lay approximately 500 eggs in several batches of about 75 to 150.  Within a day, the larvae or maggots hatch from the eggs which is pretty fast.

3.  Adult flies live from two weeks to a month.  Small, puny flies are not necessarily young flies, but are instead the result of insufficient food during the larval stage as flies cease to grow after they emerge from their pupae.

4.  The female fly is ready for mating a mere 36 hours after having emerged from the pupae.

5.  Copulation takes a few seconds to a couple of minutes.  The female fly usually mates only once.  This is because they store the sperm to use it repeatedly for laying several sets of eggs.

6.  Flies do not actually vomit.  They in fact spit when they land.

7.  Why do flies frequently rub their front legs together?  I have always thought that their tiny brains are scheming and deciding which pile of stinking manure or food to land next.  Actually they are cleaning their legs as there are taste and smell receptors on them.


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