How to Search for a Suitable Pest Control Professional

It is important to consider a calling in a Pest Control Company to do an initial pest survey after buying a new house. This is to protect the value of your investment by preventing an infestation of termites.

Here are some helpful steps in selecting a good Pest Control Company.

Step 1
It is best to make sure your termite control professional is certified. You should also trust them enough to not only get rid of them, but help you to prevent a future infestation.

Step 2
Once you find a termite control expert you trust you should schedule an appointment with them. Even if you do not have a known termite infestation, which can be extremely difficult to discover on your own, it is still best to contact a professional to come take a look. It will protect your home and give you peace of mind.

Step 3
The termite experts you contact and schedule an appointment should be able to recognize obvious and not so obvious signs of infestation. They should have complete termite knowledge and be able to discuss it with you expertly. They should be up to date on all forms of advanced termite treatment and prevention. Their equipment should also be up to date with the latest technologies of termite treatment and prevention.

Step 4
When the termite professional arrives, the first task they should perform is a complete examination of your home. They should try and discover how the termites are getting in. They will look for things which are drawing the termites to your home. They should also check to see if there is an infestation anywhere else on your property in a stump or tree for example. Termites thrive in humid, moist, environments. The termite expert should report these and any other discoveries they make to you.

Step 5
If you are unfortunate enough to have an infestation, the termite specialist should then be able to speak knowledgeably about the best solution for your particular termite problem. They should have a plethora of solutions and suggestions for you to allow them to implement to get rid of your termites.

Step 6
If you had an infestation of termites, once they treat your home and get rid of them they should suggest prevention methods with you to keep you from having to have a re-infestation. Even if you did not have an infestation, while the termite professional is there, you should discuss with them a yearly check up and some suggested prevention advice.

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About AntiPest Management Services

Established since 1986, AntiPest Management Services is a leading ISO-certified (ISO 9001 : 2000) pest control company specialising in integrated Pest Management, from general household pests to the most stringent commercial and industrial standards of ISO, Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points (HACCP), as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).As a Charter member of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia (PCAM), we are also fully committed to upholding the professional Codes of Ethics of the PCAM.

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